reclamation ep

by all the meat wants

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released December 15, 2013

written, performed, and produced by Finn Green
cover photography by Sara Shoys




all the meat wants Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: vigil
inside her little sanctum, she's protected
inside her head she's desolate, broken and ashamed
inside her heart she burns with something she cannot explain
inside is a place she knows she must escape

so in love with stories
so afraid of names

she waits for trembling hearts and flowers
she waits for sweet, delicious sin
she waits for a knight without his armor
but there's too much rust and fear in her world
so she waits and she waits for a day that will never come

she knows all the right words to make things easy
she knows all the right words to keep her wants at bay
she knows all the right words to feel comfort in isolation
she knows all the right words will betray her heart someday
Track Name: mirage
a fleeting taste of summer
dissolving into ash and barren ground
a vision warm and bright
a passion somehow lost and never found

a storybook beginning
unfolding into smoke and silent nights
a hope once realized
a distant shore of cold and neon lights

demons breed in the space between words
they feed on the passage of time
and they whisper their tales of rejection and guilt
until all that you want dissolves before your eyes
Track Name: avatar
smiling like a viper
a poisoned valentine
languid, licking ruby lips
a promise never kept
gleaming like a jewel
waiting for your hand
come and take the ultimate
you know it's all downhill from here

i know exactly what you need
i know why every night you cry yourself to sleep

skin just bleeding perfection
the finest selection
ready to please six different
ways of finding your action
pure satisfaction
begging for just another
taste this luscious illusion
another infusion
holding the moment in your
hands together praying
this is what i'm saying
there's no place higher that you can get

a lonely princess wakens
and craves a monster's touch
trembling, stroking snowy skin
a promise never kept
shining like a needle
eager for your veins
come and taste the ultimate
you know it's all downhill from here

i know exactly what you need
i know the secret things you whisper in your dreams
Track Name: mendicant
i open my eyes and know that nothing's changed
i can't escape this sickness
a black celebration birthed from shattered faith
i can't deny the hunger that makes me act this way

for every promise given
a ransom must be paid
a thin veneer of pretty words
a lifetime of decay
an endless search for solace
a love for faithless friends
a struggle to control my fate
already knowing how this story ends

i open my arms and wait for what i crave
i still embrace this sickness
bound by the promise of comfort
caged in the prison of years
betrayed by a ghoul with an angel's face
trapped beneath the weight of all my


i'll gladly bleed my life away but please don't make me beg
Track Name: electric
you wanna feel my crazy?
i got a double shot waiting for you
i'm like a mirror, baby
the reflection is ugly but you know it's true
i'm like a car crash burning on the side of the road
another shot of whiskey and my head will explode
so sit down, shut up, and pay me what i'm owed
'cause we'll never do this dance again

well i'm a time bomb, baby
i spent ten years ticking for you
i'm on a mission honey
and while you waste your days, i'm gonna follow through
i'm like a freight train slamming through the end of the line
another shot of whiskey and i'll be just fine
but you've exhausted all my patience so i'll take what's mine
and i'll burn the rest to the ground

i'm the man with electric hands